130th China Import and Export Fair


130th China Import and Export Fair

On October 15, the 130th China Import and Export Fair held a cloud opening ceremony in Guangzhou. The Canton Fair is an important platform for China to open to the outside world and develop international trade. Under special circumstances, the Chinese government has decided to hold the Canton Fair online and carry out “cloud promotion, cloud invitation, cloud signing” on a global scale, inviting domestic and foreign buyers to participate in the meeting to help foreign trade companies connect and explore the domestic consumer market, creating more new opportunities for the global business community to cooperate closely and share development.

Held continuously for more than 60 years, the Canton Fair has accumulated a large number of “fans”. Although the online exhibition was carried out affected by the epidemic, it was still full of harvest with the help of a variety of new technologies and forms such as pictures, video, 3D and VR.
Expanding the circle of friends is of great significance for participating in the Canton Fair. The Canton Fair has accumulated huge credit advantages for more than 60 years, and our company has participated in the exhibition for 20 consecutive years. Through this platform, we have established long-term cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign customers, met more overseas purchasers, created our own brand and explored the market.

In this Canton Fair, the combination of online and offline was held for the first time, and our company also arranged two groups of online and offline personnel to participate. Online, our company purchases special equipment, creates a special live broadcasting room, and arranges experienced salesmen.We arrange live broadcasting every day during the exhibition to introduce and share the products in detail. We will also arrange live broadcasting in the working hours of the guests according to the time difference of the guests, so as to facilitate the guests to watch. Offline also maintained the previous style to decorate our brand booth. As an export famous brand company in Zhejiang, our company has always adhered to the guarantee of quality, we selected the company’s high-quality and latest products for display in the booth, including Yoga series, sweater and trousers series, polo shirt series, etc., and also sent excellent salesmen to participate in the exhibition and communicate face to face with guests.

This offline Canton Fair, we followed the excellent strategies of the previous Canton Fair, such as full preparation beforehand, and detailed introduction of the company’s five major products. At the same time, we have absorbed the previous experience and overcome the difficulties encountered before, including carefully selecting clothing to represent our company. We invited experienced salesmen with good oral English for a long time to introduce the English products. With previous experience, our company is obviously more proficient in this Canton Fair, able to face unexpected situations.
In the face of the current uncertainties in overseas markets, the Canton Fair provides many opportunities. As a traditional foreign trade company, we must make good use of this opportunity, follow the market situation to expand new channels, and make a new stride in the development of overseas markets.

Post time: Oct-12-2021